What We Do for You

LumaNation will provide a free and complementary audit of your building. There is no obligation! This will be in complete alignment of MLGW guidelines as we follow the procedures of TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) Preferred Partner Network. This audit will consist of the following:

  • Meet with your cross functional team to understand common lighting frustrations such as buzzing ballasts, color shift of lighting, flickering or pulsating fixtures, on and off interruptions, delay in light output for your facility.
  • Discuss areas of opportunity such as lighting dead spots, excessive luminous segments, and shelving configuration challenges.
  • Determine high traffic use areas and operation paths for potential use of lighting motion sensors.
  • Capture lighting operating hours used today and in the future.
  • Understand current monthly lighting maintenance and repair demands and its financial impact
  • Secure past utility statements – capturing electrical use and associated fees.
  • Identify current lighting fixtures in use today and provide more efficient replacement alternatives.
  • Compile illumination data throughout the building with pre-lighting and post-lighting data for benchmarking and validating illumination increases.
  • Understand the requested and required illumination in foot candles for the facility.

What we need from you to get started…

  • Your Approval to begin:
    • 15-30 minute meeting with key personnel to gain needed insight.
    • Monthly electrical utility bills for past months of operation. (Not to exceed 1 year)
    • 30 minute review of the completed audit and proposal.

What you can expect when completed…

  • Thorough analysis of lighting costs, impacts, and alternatives.
  • Dialux Software Simulation layout of lighting efficiency
  • LED Warehouse Solutions - LumaNation Commercial Lighting Warehouse SolutionsCompletion of project within 90 days.
  • Implementation of motion sensors where it makes sense
  • Improved Lighting
    • 20% increase in overall foot-candles, exceeding OSHA standards
    • Bright pleasing white light with consistent coloration
    • Immediate Start-up with no delays
    • Dimmable functionality for specialized use
    • No flickering or pulsating light output – eliminating fatigue, headaches, and eye strain
    • Clean light environment – visually enhancing documents, packaging, and labels
  • A 60-75% reduction in companies’ electrical bill
  • Elimination of annual lighting maintenance costs.
  • A short term return on your investment – Typically less than one year!
  • Elimination of toxic mercury and material waste.
  • Sustainability – Reduction of Green House Gases to the environment – 100% Recyclable!
  • Organized diagram of lighting to support office and warehouse structural layout.
  • Professional and up-to-date certification of work, eliminating all previous electrical code failures or potential hazards.
  • 5 year warrantee on all materials.
  • Peace of Mind – LumaNation service responsibility.